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 What ever happened with the KT Ordnance case?
1Andy2  [Member]
10/8/2007 9:07:19 AM
Have they gone to trial against him, yet? Or did they drop the charges? Or did he plead out?

Whats new with that deal?
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Wirebrush  [Team Member]
10/8/2007 9:41:04 AM
Tag, 'cuz I'm curious myself.
meistermash  [Member]
10/9/2007 5:33:20 PM
Yes anyone know?
colklink  [Member]
10/9/2007 5:45:24 PM
Refresh my memory, that was the company making the 80% AR lowers that screwed together, right
Wirebrush  [Team Member]
10/9/2007 9:56:14 PM

Originally Posted By colklink:Refresh my memory, that was the company making the 80% AR lowers that screwed together, right

1Andy2  [Member]
10/9/2007 10:09:47 PM
I dunno about the screw together part. I thought the ATF was pissed at him because he was letting customers use his cnc mill to finish their 80% receivers.
TANGOCHASER  [Team Member]
10/10/2007 12:53:22 AM
He was arrested in part for a video where he claims he is holding his guns he made himself. He is proported to be a convicted felon. ChaChing!

That's what I heard from rumor control.
LoneWolfUSMC  [Member]
10/10/2007 11:00:25 AM
I have no idea what the status is.

Last I read the case hinged on the fact that the BATFE believed that his "80%" lowers were actually finished to a degree that they were considered Firearms and were being sold without the correct license and without the correct markings.

JimM44  [Member]
10/10/2007 11:50:24 AM
Guys go read his web site, I have heard of no resolution, some charges have been dropped but not all.

He basically sold 80% with letters of approval from the BATF that were FAKE. Had he contacted them first he could have gotten his own letters instead of copying someone else's letters.

His biggest problem was not paying income taxes on his money and telling an undercover agent he didn't have to pay taxes.

They were clearly 80% but when you don't pay taxes and lie about BATF approval for your product you are asking for trouble.

The build videos were produced by another guy and he got in trouble because they packaged both products together and he handled the credit card sales. I think the video guy will end up OK.

Edit; Here's his page;

Also the Feds have dropped their charges in just New Hampshire that's still after him.
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