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 Delaware Machine in Muncie manufacturing ar-15 lowers
martinmayhem  [Team Member]
10/24/2009 7:29:56 AM EST
I was at the Indy 1500 yesterday and saw a table that had a familiar company name on it. It looks like a Muncie, Indiana company, Delaware Machine, has begun to make stripped ar-15 lowers. They looked fairly decent.
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shibumiseeker  [Member]
10/24/2009 2:43:39 PM EST
I saw those too, machining looked great. I almost picked one up but
had already blown my budget.
JC_  [Life Member]
10/24/2009 2:59:51 PM EST
Cool - I would like a locally made receiver.

Any dealers in Muncie carry them?
r6vr6  [Member]
10/24/2009 5:35:26 PM EST
$ ?
L0CK_N_L0AD  [Member]
10/25/2009 9:19:09 AM EST
Theres a thread about these over on the INGO forum...

Looks like they are well finished and machined by the early reports, and will only be sold thru dealers/ distributors. Most folks liked the no-logo models better than the logo'd ones.....
shibumiseeker  [Member]
10/25/2009 2:27:23 PM EST
Originally Posted By r6vr6:
$ ?

Dealer I saw wanted $119 for them which was inline with what the average lower
was going for. I only saw one table with RRAs at $99 and the Stags I got were $89.

Most other tables had lowers in the $110-140 range and a few yahoos were trying to get $160-190
for RRA lowers.
Archer1122  [Team Member]
10/25/2009 3:05:56 PM EST
one guy had a Mega for $150

FennRx  [Member]
10/25/2009 6:02:40 PM EST
something good coming out of Muncie? i find that hard to believe; that place is such a shithole.
tr_1127  [Team Member]
10/26/2009 7:07:12 AM EST

Originally Posted By JC_:
Cool - I would like a locally made receiver.

Any dealers in Muncie carry them?

Ludco's the nearest dealer to Muncie that I know of, and I don't think he has any. I'll check next time I'm in there.
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