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 Jerry Miculek Compensator
pkguns  [Team Member]
9/25/2008 3:17:51 PM EST
OK, I'm sure this has been asked before, but can't find any link or post, can I use the Jerry Miculek Compensator on a post ban rifle? Since it is not the god awful flash hider it should be legal on either a pre or post ban rifle.
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bigrog0_5  [Team Member]
9/25/2008 3:20:10 PM EST
short answer yes you may just have it pinned/soldered
Blackguppy  [Team Member]
9/25/2008 3:55:46 PM EST
I have one on my Panther AP4 post ban.
darkvibe  [Member]
9/25/2008 4:07:59 PM EST
When I emailed CMMG and asked they confirmed that it's ok on a ban compliant gun if it's pinned/welded.
NY_Shooter  [Member]
9/26/2008 1:23:02 AM EST
Yup. It's what Stag puts on their post-bans. I had one, and just sold the upper recently to a fellow NYer.

It worked great, but like most other comps, was loud as HELL.
cub1641  [Member]
9/26/2008 5:58:42 PM EST
+1 works great
+1 loud as hell(aren't they all?)
+1 on being required to be welded/pinned on in NY
Being poor enough to only own one AR sucks, because at the NYS Rifle Championship at Square Deal Practical Shooters(every spring) my Miculek works great, but at an 8+hour MDTS carbine class I need advil before, during, and after the 700ish rounds. And in modified prone(gun sideways and muzzle 5 inches off the deck) my scope and me match the foilage.
So ask yourself friend, what are you going to do the most.
Maybe 2 uppers so I can have it both ways.
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